Weather Center Advanced Use

How Does It Work?

The custom graph feature needs to be updated for new graphing system.

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How does it work?

The Advanced use of the Weather Center allows one to create a custom view that shows the graphs for specified time frame and graph interval. This is useful if you want to 'zoom-in' and see the data with more detail (at a higher resolution).

If you are familiar with the Weather Center, you know that the 4 graphs have a 24 hour view and a 12 hour (8am to 8pm) view. The graph interval (time between data points) is always 15 minutes. The custom view allows you to view the graphs say from 10am to 2pm with a graph interval of 5 minutes.

The custom view is only available for current (today's) data. For more detail on a historical date, download the raw 1-minutes observations from each day's history page.

To create a custom view, you just add the information to the URL and the view will be created. The format is simple and the best thing to do is to copy an example and change it. Technically, the information added to the URL, are called query parameters.

In the URL above, the custom view starts at 10am, ends at 2pm with a 5 minute graph interval.

The custom view will display the specified parameters and number of data points used to create the graphs. One must be careful not to create too many data points which can cause a graph error. The Weather Center uses the Google Chart service and the requests have a 16 KB limit. An error will be displayed if the request exceeds the limit.

If you haven't read the Weather Center Information page and Sensor Info page, you might want to read before proceeding as it will give you a basic outline of the system.

Here is an example:

This URL would specify a start, end, and graph interval.

Query Parameter Table

Parameter Name Description
start Format is HH:MM, ie: start=08:00
a 12 hour format must include am/pm or use 24 hour format. required parameter.
end Format is HH:MM, ie: end=20:00
a 12 hour format must include am/pm or use 24 hour format. required parameter.
interval Format is number of minutes, ie: interval=15
Specify interval, which is time between data points. must be between 1 and 15 minutes (if not supplied, defaults to value based on range)

Query parameters to have a few rules:

  • A separator character ? (an question mark) is required between URL and the first query parameter (see example).
  • Parameters are specified in name=value pairs, such as: start=10:00 where start is the parameter name and 10:00 is the value. An equal = sign separates the name and value.
  • If more the one parameter is specified, an & (an ampersand) separator is required between each parameter name=value pair, such as: ?start=10:00&end=11:00
  • There are no spaces allowed in query parameters.
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